The second oldest of all the bastions but the slowest to grow, York relied on old technology and old building techniques to recover the once lost glory of mankind. The second largest bastion after Angel, York built its wall last, strange considering the threat of evil dragons to the north and pagus to the west. York held onto one wild card. Like Angel, York relied on echan means to reach their destination and built a city fortified against an attack. They accomplished this with a very formidable robotic force. A self-repairing robotic mass known as Zeros run all of York's hard labor and defenses automatically. Zeros were designed and built by the gimfen of Gnimfall. York and the gimfen signed an agreement where York would supply the gimfen with precious raw materials and the knowledge of machinery mankind acquired over centuries prior to the gates' openings and in exchange, the gimfen would add their technological distinctiveness to that knowledge, advancing York and helping them build a power system based on tidal energy. This required the construction of massive generators deep underground that, rumors hold, still contain gimfen technicians, living for hundreds of years, never seeing the light of day. Many in York's hierarchy refuse to acknowledge the gimfen's connection, insisting human expertise single-handedly built York to its glory.

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