Check: You can discern the location of the Laudenian Sky Keeps. Those who travel across the sky not only learn the location of sky keeps but also possess an instinctual knowledge of when and where they appear. It is one thing to contain an encyclopedic knowledge of where they are located but another to know their drifting routes, calculating their courses in response to air currents and the individual keep's waypoints. Few keeps maintain static locations so maps are useless. The skill roll alters the region's format since no DM should ever have to keep track of the course and locations of a dozen keeps across the planet.

A DM can discern a location or roll randomly (d10: 1- North, 2-North East, etc. 10-re-rolls). Ports will never be less than 100 km from a Bastion or an evil location.

Skill Roll Nearest Port is…
Under 15 1d4x100 + 700 km away
15 – 20 1d4x100 + 500 km away
21 – 25 1d4x100 + 300 km away
26 – 30 1d4x100 +200 km away
31+ 1d4x100 km away

Try Again: You cannot try again for 2d4 days.

Special: You cannot take 10 or 20 on this skill.

Synergy: If you have the Airsense feat, you gain a +2 bonus on Windcaling checks

Untrained: Cannot be used untrained.

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