Wheel Housing

Tech Level: PL 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: Built into the bottom of the recipient’s feet are concealed housings into which four in-line wheels are stored. Popping out easily, these nearly friction-free wheels allow the recipient to move as easily as a skater on ice.

Benefit: When the wheels are extended a free action, the recipient can slide along solid ground as if on smooth ice. Built-in gyroscopes and flywheels allow the recipient to retain equilibrium with ease, and integral brakes allow the recipient to gracefully skate along the ground, turn, or stop suddenly if desired. The recipient’s land speed increases by 15. This adjustment is treated as an equipment bonus. As with any effect that increases speed, this power affects the subject’s maximum jumping distance.

The recipient can skate up or down any incline or decline she could normally walk upon without mishap, though skating up an incline reduces the subject’s speed to normal and skating down a decline increases her speed by an additional 15. This adjustment is treated as a circumstance bonus.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: 2/5

Cost: 1400

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