Total Body Morph

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier: -/-

Description: A total body morph allows the recipient to become a larger or smaller version of himself. An entirely new body is cloned at a new size and the brain transplanted (with surgery to make it smaller, if needed, replacing autonomous function with more efficient artificial brain matter to make room). The new body is just like the old one, but scaled differently.

Benefit: The recipient becomes one size category larger or smaller. A recipient who gets larger gains a +4 inherent bonus to Strength, and takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity. A recipient who gets smaller takes a –4 penalty to Strength and gains a +2 inherent bonus to Dexterity. Additionally, all the normal changes for the new size (reach, facing, attack, and defense modifiers) apply.

Type: Biological/Internal

Hardness/HP: -/-

Cost: 3600

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