Tissue Density Genetic Retrovirus

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier: -/-

Description: This retrovirus changes the recipient’s DNA, increasing bone mass, thickening tissue and skin density, and boosting the capacity of the cardiovascular system.

Benefit: A tissue density retrovirus gives the recipient a +1 to +5 inherent bonus to his Constitution score. He takes a –2 penalty to his Dexterity score because his heavier, denser, thicker frame loses a level of agility and flexibility.

A character cannot have more than one genetic retrovirus in effect at a time. A genetic retrovirus cannot be removed through surgery; it must be removed with targeted toxins or diseases. Further, genetic retroviruses cannot have any gadget components or be added to other cybernetic devices that have gadgets.

Type: Biological/Internal

Hardness/HP: -/-

Cost: 2300 (+1), 2500 (+2), 2700 (+3), 2900 (+4), or 3100 (+5)

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