The World Of Amethyst

The first hammer fell 65 million years ago. The second hammer struck Siberia only a few decades into the 21st century. Exact times remain scarce but a nuclear war erupted. Many of faith (human and inhuman) contest the Hammer fell to punish man for sins against the Earth for blackening her soil with radiation. The second hammer cracked open the black gate of Ixindar. Sometime later (also not entirely known), Attricana opened.

A thousand years passed.

Attricana cured the Earth's ailments. In a day, all the scars of war and industry faded. Nature retook the land. The Earth awoke and the world changed. Continents shifted. Rivers ran longer, mountains stretched taller, and valleys sank deeper. Huge holes opened up to the underworld. When looking up at the night sky, the Star of Attricana shined down upon them.

Humans attempting to rebuild found themselves strangers in a land once thought to be their home. Many travelers wandered lost in the new land. At night, even the sky denied familiarity. In the dark hung the quiet companion of our sun, the white star of Attricana. The gate shone with a glow bright enough to read at night. Only clouds would drape a land in shadow. Attricana overwhelmed the constellations. Only the
brightest stars fought for worship. This altered many views on the importance of constellations. The white star drifted from in front of the moon to almost behind, never being blocked with a path almost impossible to predict. The moon, affected by this power, floated closer to Earth. Now hanging almost twice its size in the sky, it demands attention every time it rises. The drawback of this imposition is the moon's influence on Earth.

Luna still stands as a cultural icon in many villages and towns across the world. Many worship it. The fact that it floats larger than it used to helps support that belief. It dominates the night when rising, and seldom is it not seen even upon the rise and fall of the sun. Today, most don't even notice the changes in the Earth due to the Moon's increased influence. The ocean tides sweep the shores larger and more pronounced than before. Many cultures like the bastion of Porto in Euras have created solutions to that problem.

Because of terrain obstacles and the presence of magical interference, bastions remain isolated with no way for successful continual communication. They dot the world, thousands of miles apart. Most lay on the coastlines for obvious reasons while others sit on precious mineral resources. The remaining natural treasures of the world lay claimed by the heritage races or sit surrounded by lands so dangerous, no
one sane would dare try to enter.

The magic flows down, filling every crack, occupying every void. It alters evolution, speeds mutation, breaking rules man assumed to be set in stone. It gleefully rubs out ironclad laws of physics. Where this intensity increases, massive stones rise up and float aimlessly in the sky. They may remain for hours or decades. Fields of these drifting rocks are scattered across the globe, each as small as sand or as large as mountains.

Dozens of different races dot the planet, each staking their own patch of soil. Some claimed them under the ground. A few even declared their kingdom in the sky. Some areas, like Canam, occupy so much landmass, most nations never brush each other.

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