The World Before And After The Hammer And Current World Events

Remeber how the book said when the first Hammer hit the technological world vanished? Well forget that!

Here's the skinny on what REALLY happened. Yes the technology ceased to work but all of the creations, buildings, vehicles, cars, computers, porn stores… they're ALL still there. The old world roads still exist. Well, mostly, nature has done a good job in growing over things. However humanity had also done a good job in making tougher and more resilient building materials. After all, if we were going to build on the Moon and Mars and other worlds we needed tougher structures.

Saying that stuff just vanished like it never existed is a copout and I won't do it. Remember the old cartoon Visionaries? Yeah. Its like that. Lots of old school ruins. Lots of little places to hide lots and lots of junk. Just because it doesn't work doesn't mean it isn't valuable to other people.

Cities are still there and these are the raw materials that the first Bastions used to build their walls and defenses.

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