The Travelers


The Travelers are a constant reminder to the folly of mankind and the destructive nature of science. The Travelers are one of the most physically diverse species on Earth that are not a result of Attricana opening. Although they were once human the Travelers have been altered and mutated by hundreds of years of exposure to radiation, fallout, magic and mutagenic viruses during the wars before Attricana opened and science began to fail. Their appearance can also be quite diverse. Some Travelerss are completely human looking and others appear to be horrible monsters of vaguely human descent.

In the years prior to the first Hammer the world was ravaged by nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The Travelers are the descendents of the survivors who stayed safe in small and out of the way towns not deemed worth the cost to destroy. Although these communities were not destroyed they were subject to the side effects of the wars and many lacked access to advanced medical facilities. Of the countless millions that perished the survivors would be the start of the Travelers. The survivors were forced to deal with poisoned water, food and roaming genetic monsters unleashed as living weapons. Sickness was rampant in the early days even among the strong. Many of the survivors and survivors children began to show signs of mutation many of them debilitating and ultimately fatal. When the first Hammer hit and Attricana opened the mutations continued but many of the debilitating effects began to ease and the Travelers saw this as a sign from God that they were Forgiven. Many Travelers then began to evolve in extraordinary ways. Some gained superhuman levels of strength and physical abilities while others developed bizarre physical mutations such as the ability to breath underwater. Still others, a rare few, developed magical powers.


Many assume that that Travelers are wild creatures when seeing them for the first time. In truth they are quite civilized and maintain good grooming. It is their mutations that often give them a wild and unkempt appearance.

Physical Description:

With mutations being so prominent within Traveler society there is no general description for them other than ‘vaguely human’ which covers a wide spectrum of looks. Some have lumpy skin, tentacles or other strange mutations. Some are mistaken for other races much to the displeasure of those other races. However the typical clan usually has one mutation that stands out among their people as more prominent then others. For example members of Clan Vorden all sport scaly reptilian skin of some kind. Clan Harkon all have a single eye like the mythical Cyclops.


The Travelers maintain peaceful contact with many Bastions around the world as well as contact with the various Kingdoms. Like the Gypsies of Old the Travelers are now more of a nomadic culture constantly on the move from one place to another. Avoiding trouble before trouble finds them. One place they avoid is the Kingdom of Baruch Malkut as they are grouped in the same category as the Fey. Oddly enough many Travelers clans have good relations with the Chaparrans and can typically move freely through their areas of influence without hindrance.


Travelers clans run the gambit just like humans do, but the majority are typically Chaotic Good, with a high personal values on freedom and the right to make their own choices.


There are rumored to be hundreds of Travelers clans around the world. However an exact count is unknown given the random nature of the Travelers clans movement.


Like base-line humans only a few major religions survived. Of the ones that did survive many have only a few followers in each clan, the only major one to be wide spread is that of Buddhism and its belief that personal actions speak loudly and can raise or lower a person. The reason for the close ties to the Chaparran comes from the nature of their first contact. Belief that while their forms may be tainted their souls and spirits are clean. As this matched closely with Chaparran belief the two groups easily became friends.


Like base-line humans names continue to evolve and come from many ethnic groups or even other races entirely.

Examples: Richard Raven, Sulu Smith, Bruce Grimfang


The Travelers have a Gypsy like culture based around freedom and choice. They honestly believe in freedom from oppression be it social, economic, political or racial.

Ability Scores: +2 to one stat of choice, -2 to one stat of choice

Medium: As medium creatures Travelers have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Travelers base speed is 30ft.

Mutations: Characters start with 5 Mutation Points and can buy any number of Drawbacks and Mutations at character creation. Every third level character may exchange their Third level feat for 5 Mutation Points. Normal feats may also be spent at an exchange cost of 1 Mutation Point per feat to buy additional mutations. See pages 41 and 42 for the list of Mutations and Drawbacks located in the D20 Apocalypse book and pg 203 of the D20 Future book for more descriptions.

Mutations with a X/Day description may be purchased again to increase the number of times it can be used per day.

Favored Class: Warrior

Avoided Class: None

Special: Only Travelers characters can take the Evolutionary PrC located on pg 95 of the D20 Apocalypse book.

Replace Drawback: Neutrad with Drawback: Generate EDF


Traveler Female
Name: Unknown
Clan: Unknown
Known Mutations: Great Horns, Crystaline Body Spikes, Claws
Suspected Mutations: Skeletal Reinforcement

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