The Round Ears

Two hundred years passed before any narros from Fargon saw a human or an elf. A narros mining convoy, one of thousands searching for a path through the Nankani Mountains, found the Selkirk bastion. Neither Selkirk nor the narros of Fargon ever knew Laudenia floated between them. Even today, many still don't believe it exists. Selkirk didn't respond violently to the narros of Fargon and the first ambassador from narros to Selkirk, Amag Thalagos, a member of the Thalagos royal line, returned home with the words, "These humans look like elves, but are far more humble. They appreciate the rock. They are welcome." Little did he know Selkirk was an exception to the other demographics of mankind.

The narros established the Path of Dianaso and informed the isolated Selkirk about the world around. The narros knew of no other humans, believing Selkirk the only surviving remnant. The human miners refused such a fate and fought through the Kobolds of XIxion to find others.

Meanwhile, a group of similar minded travelers from the bastion of Angel fell under goblin fire and their wheeled crawlers hid in a rock quarry. The Selkirk fanjet carryall, almost dead with echan power drain, discovered the brightly colored Angel vehicles. The Selkirk, brutish and large from centuries in the mines, helped their human brothers out of harm's way. The group traveled back to Angel here they accepted the Selkirks as heroes. A bond formed between Selkirk and Angel that remains strong today, though lacking a safe traveling route. At this point, neither bastions nor the Fargon narros ever saw an elf. Fargon knew the elves survived and informed the humans of their resemblance in case they find some on their journeys. Until this point, Angel feared they were also the last humans. Continued raids from Kobolds and Goblins forced Angel to erect a wall, growing in size and complexity every year.

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