The Necrosi


With the coming of the Second Hammer of God and the opening of the Ixindar a change came over a small but growing segment of the remaining human population. Exposed to radiation and mutating viruses during the wars before the first Hammer these humans became the Necrosi after Ixindar opened its gate. They changed, but unlike Fey, did not devolve into monstrous forms. Their skin became pale and their eyes highly sensitive to light. Their genetics changed enough that they are unable to breed with normal humans any longer but can still bond with Fey and produce cross breeds. (Count as Human for the purposes of Cross-Breeds)

The Necrosi developed super human levels of hearing and low light vision enabling them to operate in near darkness and almost complete silence with frightening skill. However in well-lit environments or in areas with high volumes of noise they are uncomfortable and disoriented. Their language has altered because of these changes becoming a intricate blend of subtle tone and shortened words, and it is spoken so quietly that it is barely audible to anyone but another Necrosi. To most other species the Necrosi language sounds like a barely heard whisper.

Necrosi come across as cold and arrogant with a callous disregard about the welfare of those not from their immediate family/adventuring group. Nearly the opposite of the Tenenbri the Necrosi think as themselves as part of a whole and so the Group, Family, Clan and Community come before the individual. Because of their brutal relations early on with Demons the Necrosi have a limited concept of mercy and morality. Necrosi typically have three names, a personal name, a family name and a Clan name. They are very careful about sharing their family names. Sharing a family name is a sign of trust, friendship and loyalty. Many Necrosi families guard their names very carefully because family is the ultimate source of loyalty for any Necrosi followed closely by the Clan. Typically a Necrosi will only give a personal name and a Clan name is pressed. Many assume that the Clan name is the Family name and the Necrosi do nothing to correct that assumption.

Physical Description:
Like Humans the Necrosi retain the human likeness and can easily pass as humans with the right clothing. However their skin feels cold to the touch and most people feel physically ill-at ease around the Necrosi given their reputation as necromancers. The Necrosi are unnaturally pale gothic looking apparitions. They dress in black, and other dark colors, clothing and armor. They typically adore themselves with tattoos, multiple piercings and multiple typically engage in various forms of self mutilation.

The Necrosi are distant at the best of times and are only found through the world and have only appeared in Canam in the last 100 years.. Most Necrosi have little interation with the members of other races preferring the solitude and company of their own kind. Necrosi are suspicious of outsiders and tend to be very cool and formal when dealing with members of other races. When dealing with outsiders Necrosi reveal as little about themselves and their connections as possible. They also tend to use members of other races as go betweens and negotiators whenever possible and use adventurers for their own ends without exposing themselves or their secrets. For this reason and others most regard the Necrosi with fear and suspicion.

Necrosi stand on the border of good and evil with many siding with neither and as such the majority are Lawful Neutral .

The location of the main Necrosi settlement is located in the mountains north of the bastion of Sierra Madre in the area once known as northern Mexico. Their main city is located close to Ixindar as the negative energy continues to warp the Necrosi with each generation.

Most Necrosi don’t assign any value to religion as their families and clans are more important to them. As such Clerics are unknown within the Necrosi.

Names hold a great deal of value to the Necrosi assuming an almost mythical and religious value to them. They place their given name first, their clan name second and their family name last and never reveal it to outsiders. Necrosi names and words avoid harsh consonants and words with sharp sounds.

Examples: Shaw Avery Millo, Giff Han Shen, Ian Honi Mehapo, Mia Fain Node

The Necrosi value pain as they have endured generations of pain and suffering at the hands of Ixindars Demon minions and as such pain is held as in high regard to them as love and tenderness are held in other societies. They value this pain above all other feeling, knowing the fear it creates encourages others to do their bidding. The vast majority of Necrosi have a fascination with death, dying and the undead. This has lead many of them into fruitful study in necromancy, the after life and the nature of the interaction between Aticar and Ixidar and the nature of spirits and the soul. Many magic users focus on necromancy and use Ixidar as their primary source. Many have the staff as their favored totem and use large bones as their building materials.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charaisma

Medium: As medium creatures Necrosi have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Necrosi base land speed is 30ft.

Dark Vision: Necrosi can see in the dark up to 60ft. They can see full color and it functions just like normal sight. Necrosi can function just fine with no light at all.

Light Sensitivity: Necrosi suffer a -1 to all rolls when exposed to bright lights. This penalty increases to -2 in natural sunlight.

Noise Sensitivity: Whenever a Necrosi enters an area with lots of noise they must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or be shaken for 5 minutes. They can continue to make Fortitude saves every 5 minutes until they save and then do not have to make another save for 1 hour.

Living Dead: Because of the changes brought upon the Necrosi due to the opening of Ixindar Necrosi count as Undead for the purposes of turning. Count character levels or HD for determining how difficult it is to turn them. Necrosi can not be destroyed by a turning attempt they can only be driven back.

Necrosi gain a +2 on all Perception, Stealth and Sense Motive checks

Necrotic Invisibility: Necrosi always count as invisible when dealing with the undead. DC (Will) for intelligent Undead to see them is 10+character level. After attacking a successful Hide check will render the Necosi invisible again to the target.

Necosi do not generate EDF due to the taint of Ixindar no matter the class.

Favored Class: Thief

Avoided Class: Cleric


Race: Necrosi Female
Location: Unknown
EDF Rating: Unknown
Notation: We beleive this to be a photo of channeled "Ixindar Energy". If it doesn't generate EDF perhaps a means to use it to counter EDF can be found?

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