The Limshau Alliance

It was a warm day when a lone horse and rider approached the wall of Angel. The Angel guard almost forgot the image of the elf described to him. Nevertheless, a Limshau ambassador now stood in front.

Ravenar Limshau III, with thousands of his followers, arrived on Canam far away from their damaskan allies. Limshau dropped a stone in the centre of a massive field and declared it his. As his people settled, Ravenar took his greatest and most trusted souls on a voyage with him to explore the lands, lest they encroach on another kingdom. They quickly found struggling villages of narros and gimfen. Ravenar met with Rayazar Finer from the Pits and Yale Brimingood from the Lone Tree to forge an alliance. Rayazar told of a gimfen city nearby and the alliance it forged with "round-ears." By this time, the escapees from Mann tried to build their own bastion on the coast. They faced destruction until Milkros Dogdonowis from the gimfen appeared out of the ground. He offered the mayor of York, Tanis Koteas, a solution in exchange for knowledge. How York was built so fast is not readily known, but within a century, a city now stood. Ravenar invited the new ruler of Gnimfall, Canton Babdoolees to share in their alliance, but Canton kindly rejected. Ravenar assumed these round ears might also refuse, so he continued his exploration of the west, eventually stumbling upon the fortress of Angel.

Ravenar talked to many people while there. He walked into Genai and found how they built their city so fast. They had enlisted the help from echan humans from the far east whom had emigrated from their destroyed homeland. Ravenar saw his first dragon, Genai the Yok-ani. When Ravenar finally met Angel's governing body, he was forcibly ejected. Ravenar did not hold a kind view of humanity at this point. When the elf left the wall, he turned to see hundreds of humans following. They found his words luring and wanted to join his city. He allowed them into his city, and Limshau, as it is now known, was born. The incident with Ravenar marked the first time bastions reacted coldly to echan influence. The Bastions of Mann and Sierra Madre simply never had the opportunity to enforce their xenophobic views. Everyone knew to stay away.

When the pagus arrived on the eastern shore, they followed typhox dragons attempting to establish their own kingdom away from Kakodomania. Their first attack occurred in 450 AE, when pagus forces stormed south to the Finer Fire Pits. The narros pushed back the invasion but their established presence on Canam became known.

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