The Last 1000 Years

The time before, of Terros, was unknown to all of humanity until the magic returned. Even then, most echan species only recorded events they felt should never be forgotten, sacrifices and great achievements by people and kingdoms. Most echans found the human practice of recording every moment of their lives a little wasteful. Limshau attempted to counter this belief by acquiring as much knowledge as possible from everyone, but events from Terros are sketchy and broken. Even key elements of the great war, its heroes and victories, deaths and failures, cannot be recalled today. Those through the gate at the end of the first time could take nothing with them. Those still alive today, the majority being dragons, speak very little of their existence. Dragons remember every fact they are exposed to and possess instant recall of every event, but they seldom write anything down. Dragons lived thousands of years before the first fey arrived. The oldest living fey still carried a zeal for life, an encouragement to keep living. Dragons, ageless in all forms, seem to lose faith in existence after such long a period. No one knows if this is because mortality offers a value for life unseen or because the oldest dragons possess a view of the Universe so grandiose that it depresses them. In her book, the Chronicle of Aurannis, the great dragon Aurannis of Dust, departed from her usual jovial attitude in a verse on the last page.

Lazarus the Pure, the Dragon King of old, spoke of time. Of how a species wishes immortality, always failing, and never resting. He added that dragons will die. Our fate is eventual. How I hope that to be true. Other than by the sword, sorcery, or act of fate, we never wither. If senility creeps in, and we lose faculties, the first signs of the final moments, these shall not occur naturally in me or my kin until we see the approaching death throes of the sun giving us all warmth.

Given that impressive lifespan, I believe the light in my eyes will never fail or falter until those final moments. Knowing that, even to dragons, = comes as a pleasant relief. However, a few cousins still accept immortality and sit, resting the centuries by. Lazarus, his eyes so dark, begets his depression from a personal failure, of a sin only he believes he committed.

In Amethyst, I puzzled. The light faded long before we arrived. Even our oldest admitted never seeing the life in the eyes of the greatest. How many years did Amethyst sit on this world before companionship arrived? When Amethyst looked into the heart of the Cosmos, the Cosmos fluttered.

How did he possess such power? Amethyst knew something we do not. His grasp of the Universe and its secrets, so vast and expanding, doomed him to melancholy. He swore to not know all.

However …He knew enough. He refused to reveal his past, of what brought him to his gloom, lest we share in his dejection.

Oh, how I wish to not ever be a god.

What fun is there in knowing everything?

Chronicle of Aurannis

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