Tenenbri are not, by a whole, evil. Unfortunately, a very vocal portion of them are. The narros tell of a city breaching the prohibited depth allowed for mines. This city, whose name fell into obscurity, continued digging deeper and deeper. Then all contact stopped. The surface buildings sat empty. Narros contend the city angered Oaken and retribution came swift and severe. Regardless, the elves later to be
called tenenbri vanished under the soil and never returned. How they survived the hammer and arrived to the new Earth remains a mystery. They returned and quickly vanished again.

Tenenbri live their lives almost totally in darkness. They still detect light levels and carry an amazing sensitivity to any significant glare despite being otherwise totally blind. They detect their surroundings through sound and vibrations in the ground. On a boat or in the air, they are almost totally sightless. They seldom appear above ground and almost never venture out during the day.

Unlike most elves enjoying poetry and dance and exhibiting astounding patience, tenenbri believe in actions and passion. They act impulsively with emotion rather than with logic. In this way, they are almost polar opposites with the damaskans. Their music reflects that. Their dance resembles a choreographed march. No instruments, the tenenbri rely in their powerful voices to carry the weight of song. Unlike narros, known for bass voices accentuated by drums, tenenbri music flows purely a cappella. Males sing falsetto (very high pitch) and women offer alto. There are no tenors or bass voices in tenenbri music. Some consider this analogous to a form of physical conditioning as their voices double as echolocation devices.

No one is sure how many tenenbri there are but estimations place them less than three million. Like the narros, tenenbri bury their dead but they usually cremate them first.

Personality: Tenenbri are astoundingly selfish most of the time, thinking usually only of themselves or the group they travel with. When they mate, it is for life and they often go to extremes to protect their loved ones. The extreme cases when tenenbri marry outside their race are often described as avidly passionate. Other words to describe them in a relationship includes hot-blooded, fiery, and lustful.

Physical Description: Unlike the narros, the tenenbri resemble normal elves in physique. What differ are their skin, their demeanor, and their eyes. Tenenbri eyes are glossed over pure white. Their irises fade to near nothing, concealed under cataracts. The entire tenenbri race is blind. The slightest light reflects a glint off the back of their eyes, reflecting a white glow in direct illumination. Their deathly pale skin feels cool to the touch. Though few ever confirm it, their skin tastes salty, a sign in humans of cystic fibrosis, a condition the tenenbri would all probably suffer from if magic did not suppress the gene in their body. They are shorter than most elves but much taller than the dwarvish narros. Their long ears respond to vibrations in the air, detecting movement in almost total darkness. Like the damaskans, their ears are prone to twitch depending on their emotional state. Though their enhanced hearing greatly assists them, it’s their connection to the ground which others them the greatest awareness of their surroundings. Because the tenenbri have no real vision to speak of, they care very little of their outward appearance though they still maintain a surprisingly high level of personal grooming. They refrain from flamboyant clothes, preferring simplicity. They rarely employ vibrant colors.

Relations: The majority of tenenbri enjoy life in solitude. Many avoid other races and practice a level of xenophobia bordering on obsessive, though still not as severe as the laudenians. However, a growing population of tenenbri are banding together under a common hatred for surface dwellers. Many feel embracing the darkness will result in greater power for the people. Those tenenbri on their own in Canam often remain humble, knowing the stigma their race brings. They try to be quiet in the corner of the room, and hope no one notices they're there.

Alignment: Tenenbri border between good and evil many times. They often drift towards chaotic. The majority are neutral.

Location: Most tenenbri live under the Lanchian Mountains in Southam. Their caves stretch to every corner of the range. They seldom appear anywhere else.

Religion: Most tenenbri have no faith. Clerics are extremely rare. The ones that do still worship Oaken, believing that they are the evolution of elves instead of the narros.

Language: Tenenbri speak a patois derivative of elvish most elves despise. One fluent in elvish can understand the heavy slang of the tenenbri language.

Names: Tenenbri shed off their family ties the narros keep so dear when relations with their brother species fell apart. Tenenbri only have one name. To verify genetic lines, syllables mark individual similarities. For example two names like Sharajaclypse and Lamaclypse, the ending Clypse denotes their genetic similarity. Most children are raised in communal areas and some tenenbri children in some communities don't even
know who their parents are. In larger cities, this is not always the case. Tenenbri that marry outside of their race often change this belief, as they are often not members of their community anyway. It's a complicated system and few outside of the tenenbri understand it completely.

Examples: Sianodell, Mianodell, Farianoda (These would mark similar genetic markings based on the "iano" in their names. Sian and Mian may be sisters but Fari would be an uncle or cousin).

Adventures: Tenenbri that do leave are often outcast for a variety of reasons. Some communities are so fanatical, that even talking to a non-tenenbri may exact such punishment. Virtually all tenenbri found in Canam are those exiled from Southam. Few ever leave by choice. Those that do originate from the few tenenbri communities in Vanaka striving to move away from the growing popular belief that the tenenbri are a master race of elves others should serve. A few of these communities attempt to gain support for their cause from outsiders including the narros, whom often reject the hand of friendship from the tenenbri, regardless of its authenticity.

Even though the tenenbri would be valuable in mines, most narros refuse to employ them. Many gimfen are willing to look past prior hatreds. Tenenbri outside of Southam found surprising acceptance in echan human kingdoms, unaware of the long-standing hatred the other elves have towards them. Even Limshau, integrated with humans and elves, allows the tenenbri and find their brail books a fascinating addition.


  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -2 to Charisma.
  • Medium: As medium creatures, tenenbri have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Tenenbri base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Tenenbri receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for short sword, longsword, rapier, and scimitar.
  • Perception: Tenenbri gain a +2 bonus to Listen and Sense Motive skill checks.
  • Blindsight: Tenenbri possess blindsight, the extra-ordinary ability to operate effectively without vision. This ability stems from a necessity since the tenenbri are all blind. Their blindsight comes from sensitivity to ground vibrations in concert with keen hearing. The tenenbri's blindvision extends out to 120 feet. This ability also makes invisibility and concealment (even magical darkness) irrelevant to the tenenbri though he still can't see ethereal creatures) within 20 feet. Blindsight never allows a tenenbri to distinguish color or visual contrast. A tenenbri cannot read with blindsight. Their entire culture utilizes a brail system not unlike the old human system. However, even blind, tenenbri see the draconic written language-its glowing words illuminate to even those who cannot see. Blindsight does not subject a tenenbri to gaze attacks. Blinding attacks do not penalize the tenenbri either. Blindsight negates displacement and blur effects. If the tenenbri steps off natural ground, these abilities reduce. In water or on refined surfaces (buildings, boardwalks, etc), the ability ranges are reduced to 10 ft. In the air or when riding a steed, the tenenbri's visible range is also reduced by to 10 ft and their ability to detect invisible targets or counteract concealment is nullified. Add any of these penalties with an environment with any substantial noise pollution, and the tenenbri is effectively blind.
  • Scream: The tenenbri can emit a high pitched scream 1/day. All non-tenenbri within 20 feet must make a DC15 Fort save or be shaken for 1d4 rounds.
  • Despite enhanced hearing, tenenbri are not especially sensitive to sound based attacks.
  • Automatic Languages: Elven.
  • Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclass tenenbri fighter does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.
  • Avoided Class: None. Tenenbri do what they please.
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