Telescoping Limbs

Tech Level: PL 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: These cyberlimbs are capable of telescoping a considerable distance while continuing to function. The joints of one or more cyberlimbs are designed to lock in place, holding one position as long as the recipient wishes.

Benefit: Telescoping limbs applied to arms give the recipient an additional 5 feet of reach when extended a total of 10 feet for Small or Medium-size characters, but prevent him from threatening the squares surrounding him he can’t attack creatures or objects less than 10 feet away.

Telescoping legs allow a recipient to extend his legs to gain a +10 circumstance bonus to his base land speed, or a +8 equipment bonus on Jump checks, as well as allowing him to stand an additional 5 feet tall increasing his reach upward by 5 feet. However, having extremely long legs is awkward, and while they are extended the recipient takes a –2 penalty to Defense.

Extending or retracting a limb is a free action that can be taken once each round.

Type: External

Hardness/HP: 5/10

Cost: 1700

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