Talent Implant

Tech Level: 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: Thanks to a chip implanted in the recipient’s brain or a series of implants wired to the recipient’s nervous system, the recipient gains special knowledge or some extraordinary ability.

Benefit: The talent implant gives the recipient a single talent from any talent tree, regardless of whether or not he belongs to a class that includes that talent tree. The recipient must meet all other prerequisites of the talent to gain its benefits.

Example: A character without the Fast Hero class, but with a talent implant, would be able to select Evasion as his talent because the talent requires no other prerequisites than the selection of the Fast Hero class. The character could not select Defensive Roll or Opportunist, though, because those talents require Evasion as a prerequisite. If the character already had Evasion, either through another talent implant or some other means, then he would be able to select any talent that has Evasion as a prerequisite.

If the talent implant is destroyed, the granted talent is lost as well.

Type/Location: Internal/Head 1

Hardness/HP: –/5

Cost: 2800

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