Synapse Remapper

Tech Level: 8

EDF Modifier:

Description: A synapse remapper is a set of wires networked into the recipient’s brain that replaces existing information with a preloaded set of facts and knowledges. A synapse remapper grows along the nervous system of the recipient, making changes throughout the body and even altering ingrained skills.

Benefit: When this cybernetic device is implanted, the cyberware recipient can choose to spend his most recently gained skill points differently picking new skills and abandoning old ones and to choose a different feat from the one he selected when advancing from his previous level to his current level. If he is simply moving skills points around among skills he already possesses, the recipient can make these decisions in the 24 hours after surgery, but any new skill the recipient wishes to take must be programmed into the remapper before it is implanted.

The recipient can undo decisions of these sorts that were made at lower levels if the synapse remapper is set to do so before it is installed. The recipient must abide by the standard rules for selecting skills and feats—he cannot take feats for which he doesn’t qualify or take cross-class skills as class skills.

Using this implant causes some lost in mental clarity, and thus costs the recipient 50 XP to reformat choices made when he reached his current level. For each additional previous level into which the revision reaches, using the implant costs an additional 50 XP. All XP costs and skill and feat decisions must be made within 24 hours of the surgery to implant the remapper; once made, the decisions cannot be changed again without a new synapse remapper, requiring additional surgery and a new XP cost.

Once new choices have been made, destroying the synaptic remapper has no effect.

Type/Location: Internal/Head 1

Hardness/HP: —/1

Cost: 2500 +100 per skill added

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