Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre could be the oldest Bastion on the planet. Some believe Madre could be older than the new age, surviving the great gates. It seems unlikely considering the geological damage to the planet when the gates opened. Sierra enjoys its isolation but welcomes visitors. They appreciate their position on the planet and that most enemies pass over them without knowing a blossoming civilization exists below. Tapped into massive geothermal energies, the population of Sierra Madre lives with unlimited power and limitless promises for the future. Unlike many bastions, gripped in fear of the outside world, wracked by terror of encroaching magic and the evils of outside malevolence, the people of Sierra sleep safe at night. Armies could walk over them, unaware of the city underneath. No army ever has. With the Gloam to the south, very few people travel indirectly over this bastion. Sierra Madre lives in peace. They, like Porto, strive forwards with almost reckless abandon to develop new techniques and new advancements. Limited borders and lack of outside aggression slows this development. Clean power and virtually no crime gives the bastion a virgin mindset. Those who leave are more unprepared than any other pilgrims into echa. The majority never survive a month, dying in the wastelands between populations or fleeing back to their house in hiding, eyes tightly shut.

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