Shepherd Chip

Tech Level: PL 5

EDF Modifier:

Description: A shepherd chip is a tiny microchip containing the bearer’s identification information implanted beneath the skin of the wrist. Some computers can read a shepherd chip and extract its information; all shepherd chips can be made to receive information from other shepherd chips by way of a handshake—once a mere method of greeting, the handshake becomes a permanent way to introduce and clearly identify yourself to another person. Of course, a shepherd chip can be made to not broadcast information in this way for privacy’s sake.

Benefit: In addition to basic identification information, many people have their banking and credit information keyed to shepherd chips so they no longer have to use physical money or credit cards. Businesses love this because it allows them to prevent shoplifting; if a person carries an item from the store, the item’s value is immediately deducted from his bank account. Additionally shepherd chips can be linked to computers particularly neural implants so that more information than just identification can be transferred between two shepherd chips—a great boon to the espionage community because it allows for discreet information transfers. Some governments use shepherd chips to monitor the activities of their citizens. This oppressive, watchful eye of the government is exactly the predicament the opponents of the shepherd chip ear. Additionally, a black market for forged or stolen shepherd chips emerges as soon as the chips become widespread, making identity theft and falsification ever-present crimes in some communities.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: —/2

Cost: 1200

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