Sensory Recorder

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: A sensory recorder is a small memory chip in the brain that connects directly to the optic nerve, cerebrum, and thalamus, recording everything the cyberware recipient experiences with his five senses.

Benefit: A sensory recorder can be turned on and off as a free action and automatically records everything the cyberware recipient experiences unless specifically deactivated. It has 24 hours of memory. The recipient can choose to save or overwrite memories at will. A small computer port allows the memories to be downloaded into another computerized medium including a sensory playback computer or the HINet, allowing others to observe or even experience the memories. The cyberware recipient can turn on or off individual senses as he wishes.

It’s very difficult to fake the feed from a sensory recorder. It requires successful DC 30 Computer Use and Forgery checks to make a change to an existing sensory recordermemory, or to create one from whole cloth. Even when successfully done, an investigator who makes Computer Use and Investigate checks that beat the forger’s results realizes the recording is altered.

Type/Location: Internal/1 Head

Hardness/HP: —/4.

Cost: 2500

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