Very little is known about Selkirk unless one is born there. No one remembers how when or how it erected itself on such an unstable precipice. Nicknamed the City in Rock, Selkirk barely registers in the history of the planet. They live in an isolated area, surrounded by mountains with no direct road. Although they have access to the pass of Dianaso, to access it requires going through a jagged section of rock claiming many victims. Selkirk's strength lies in its goal of continued expansion and wealth. Their loyalty is with the almighty currency. Holding onto ancient ways, Selkirk represents a massive mining consortium. Internally known as TERMINAM – TERran MINing AMalgamated, Selkirk's entire population works in service of a corporation. Everyone works. Everyone serves. Everyone owes.

Selkirks' farms lacked the resources to supply the entire population so they opened negotiations with the narros to the north in Fargon. Soon, the ETA — Echan Trade Alliance was formed to regulate trade between the narros of Thos Thalagos and the miners of Selkirk. The narros would travel through Dianaso and never lose a single traveler. They emerge at the village of Hell's Gate, the last population before the pass and the narros to the north. The village is a stop-way point as no echan's are allowed to board the Mag-Trains to Selkirk. Supplies are traded and the two sides return. Narros gain access to the massive gold and coruthill deposits under the Range of
Rock and Selkirk gains the foodstuffs required to survive. The ETA maintains the trade agreement with the narros. Shipments usually arrive every week. Occasionally, if supplies are critical, Selkirk will send its own carry-alls through Dianaso to Fargon. The agreement is beneficial to both sides and neither has any reason to break this profitable exchange. Outside forces disagree and some have attempted to sever this trade. Kobolds attempt at raiding the narros caravans but not a single attempt has succeeded. Their attacks increase in number and in aggressiveness every year. Bugbears to the east also try severing this connection, also to no avail.

Selkirk and TERMINAM do not hold the revulsion for echans many other techans exhibit. Since Selkirk only deals with narros (which basically look like short versions of the Selkirk Miners), the population hardly needs reason to hate them. Isolated, the city barely appears on the radar of the other bastions. A previous encounter with Angel secured a short-lived trade agreement and promise to aid if the other fell under dire need. Beyond that, Selkirk could vanish off the face of the Earth and the only people who would care would be a couple million dwarves.

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