Reflex Wires

Tech Level: PL 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: Reflex wires are artificial nerves that replace the majority of the recipient’s nervous system. Reflex wires can carry more information more quickly, allowing the recipient to act with surprising quickness and efficiency.

Benefit: Class one reflex wires grant the recipient a +4 equipment bonus on his initiative checks.

Class two reflex wires grant the bonus of class one and also grant the recipient an additional two attacks of opportunity each round, just as if the recipient had taken the Combat Reflexes feat and had a +2 Dexterity modifier. The attacks gained from the reflex wire stack with attacks of opportunity granted by the feat.

Class three reflex wires grant all the benefits of class two and also grant the recipient the benefit of the evasion ability.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: —/2

Cost: 2400 class one, 2800 class two, 3200 class three

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