Level 1, 2, 3
TL 3
Cost: 1500, 3000, 5000
Medical DC: 25, 27, 30

The subject loses temporary partial control of his faculties as the injection thrusts him into a screaming, blood frenzy. He gains the barbarian's base rage ability with all its bonuses, penalties, and aftereffects. A Level 2 rage injection is more expensive, riskier to inject, but offers Greater Rage (per barbarian). A Level 3 rage injection is the most expensive and riskiest, but offers Mighty Rage (per barbarian). Like the barbarian's rage, this effect lasts as long as the user's new constitution bonus.

Failure: The rage continues as normal. For the entire duration of the rage, the subject loses all mental control, going totally berserk, attacking targets, friend or foe, totally at random. At the expiration, the subject must make a DC20 Fort save or suffer from the rage effects for 1 more round. This process is continuous, forcing a Fort save every round until the target saves.

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