Racial Abilites

There are several features applying to all of the fey descendants:

Immunities: Fey are immune to all mortal disease. Fey are resistant to such annoying ailments as the flu, measles, and polio. They are unaffected by all genetic diseases but not mutated genes from radiation or enchanted viruses. They are immune to all transmitted diseases in human history. They cannot be carriers or infected in anyway. They never contract cancer naturally but external forces (chemicals, radiation,
or magic) may still infect them.

All fey gain a +3 racial bonus to all Knowledge (History) rolls.

Sleep: All fey races require little sleep and they jostle awake with surprising ease. This is in alteration to the entry in the D&D PHB. Elves require little in the form of comfort to doze. They can sleep either lying down or just leaning back. This is due do a subconscious effort to maintain balance. This allows elves to sleep comfortably on branches or cliff edges. Humans require a lengthy unbroken sleep period but elves do not. They constantly stir in their sleep and are easy to startle, almost as skittish as prey in the wilderness, surrounded by predators.
Elves require only 4 hours of total sleep every 24 hours but do not require them in one solid period. Fey races require REM sleep like all living creatures and must lie down and be comfortable to do so but only require 4 hours of sleep in this state to be satisfied every few days. If a fey is not allowed comfortable sleep in order to reach a REM state, sleep deprivation will eventually set in. An elf can sleep in medium or
heavy armor for three days before fatigue sets in. They gain a +5 racial bonus against sleep effects and can make Listen skill checks while asleep without penalty.

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