No one is quite sure when people, both Echan and Techan started to delvelop Psionic abilites. Rumor has it the abilites had always been a part of humanity from day one and it took the opening of Attricana to explode the natural human talent into full blown power. There are those who wonder what will happen if ways to close Attricana work what will happen to humanities new found power.

Psionics work in all ways just like magic with one very important difference. Psionics do not generate EDF no matter the power of the ability.

Psionics, like magic only extend up to Level 6.

Psionic Agent change: Psionic Agents are jacks of all trades and can choose powers from ALL power categories not just the Psionic Agent list.

Psionic Characters MUST be human. Only humans have the talent for Psionic expression. Some Fey branches have Psionic talent as well, usually as their branching point, no creature of Ixidar does.

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