Proverb Chip

Tech Level: 8

EDF Modifier:

Description: A proverb chip is an extremely advanced microcomputer programmed with the common sense of an entire lifetime of experiences. The chip does not contain memories, just intuitive truths of the sort normally gained through life experience. The information is instinctively available to the cyberware recipient, allowing her to make better decisions, analyze her available information more intuitively, and draw upon her faith in her ability to overcome mental doubt, instability, or fear.

Benefit: A proverb chip gives the cyberware recipient a +2, +4, or +6 equipment bonus to Wisdom.

Type/Location: Internal/Head 1

Hardness/HP: —/4

Cost: 2000 for +2 Wis, 2800 for +4 Wis, or 3600 for +6 Wis

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