Pressurized Organs

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier: -/-

Description: The recipient’s own organs are reinforced with internal webbing, and in many cases entirely replaced with vat-grown organs. Most important, the recipient’s lungs and blood are replaced with organic compound that prevents excessive gases from dissolving into the blood (thus preventing it from forming bubbles in the bloodstream when the pressure is reduced too quickly—the state that causes the bends). This procedure allows the recipient to deal with extremely high pressure and sudden changes in pressure much more easily.

Benefit: The recipient can safely dive to depths of up to 10,000 feet (though obviously holding his breath long enough to do so is difficult without other implants or the proper tools). This is approximately the same depth to which a sperm whale can safely dive. (Normal divers in SCUBA gear can only dive to about 100 feet, at which time the pressure is equal to five atmospheres.)

Type: Biological/Internal

Hardness/HP: -/-

Cost: 2200

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