Tech Level: PL 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: A pickpocket is a tiny, prehensile metal tentacle with a fiberoptic camera that snakes forth from the recipient’s wrist. The pickpocket has a small claw at the end, which can move
through small spaces and snare or manipulate objects.

Benefit: A pickpocket grants a +10 equipment bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to take something from another character, see Sleight of Hand. It can also be used to grab objects on the far side of a loose barrier the pickpocket can fit through a hole as small as 1/2 inch, though it has a maximum of a 2-foot range and only a 1 Strength.

A pickpocket can also be used to make Spot checks without exposing the recipient allowing him to make a Spot check while maintaining full cover, though the implant itself is consider to only have nine-tenths cover. The fiber-optic camera is not designed for far viewing, however, and takes a –2 penalty on Spot checks per 5 feet of distance between the observer and the target.

Type: Internal, external in use.

Hardness/HP: 2/5

Cost: 1900

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