Neural Computer Link

Tech Level: 8

EDF Modifier:

Description: The most advanced form of computer interface in Amethyst, a neural computer link connects the brain and a computer system. It eliminates the need for a physical interface. Instead, the user simply “thinks” commands to the computer. Output from the computer is sent straight to the user’s brain, tapping into the optic centers to project images and displays directly into the user’s mind, eliminating the need for any sort of display device. In all other ways a neural computer link allows the user to access the computer as if used conventionally. A neural computer link connects to a computer system through a network jack built into the base of the skull.

Benefit: Using a neural computer link allows information to be downloaded directly into the brain. The character’s own mind becomes a hard drive full of basic information, granting the character direct knowledge of a particular subject almost instantaneously. Though this benefit does not allow the character to gain skill ranks, it does reduce the time required for Computer Use and Research checks to free actions. This applies only when the user is connected to a specific computer being used for the Computer Use or Research check.

A neural computer link can be connected, by means of the body’s central nervous system, directly into the user’s Shepherd Chip. Whenever data is transferred through the shepherd chip, such as a person’s identity, that knowledge is immediately loaded into the character’s brain. Essentially, this means that any two characters with shepherd chips and neural computer links can instantly know one another simply by shaking hands. Neural computer links can also be connected to nanites in a character’s bloodstream. As in the case of piloting- and driving-assisting nanites, these nanites interface directly with the neural link and allow the character to give commands simply by thinking them, eliminating the need for a nanite translator see Nanites, page 63.

A neural computer link can also be used to access a VRNet or HINet.

Type/Location: Internal/Head

Hardness/HP: —/2

Cost: 2500

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