Mermaid System

Tech Level: PL 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: A mermaid system is a fishlike, legless tail for the lower body that replaces the recipient’s legs. In many cases, the recipient uses a cyberport to allow her to switch between normal replacement legs and a mermaid system.

Benefit: When using the mermaid system, the recipient gains a swim speed of 30. Because she has a natural swim speed, the recipient normally doesn’t have to make Swim checks to move up to her speed. When the character is forced to make a Swim check, she gains a +8 bonus, and she can always take 10 on the check even if she is distracted or endangered while swimming.

A mermaid system does not allow the recipient to breathe underwater or survive unusual extremes of cold or pressure, though it is often combined with other cybernetic devices that do.

Type: External

Hardness/HP: 12/20

Cost: 2600

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