Master Work Items


Some techan weapons rise above the quality of others. Some rare, limited models are constructed from rarer materials, assembled with a fine eye for exquisite detail. A master artisan of deft skill and delicate hands verified the final result. This end product may not look any different but all agree it is a prime example of what that item represents. These are not rolled off an assembly line, but crafted in a limited run. Masterwork firearms are examples of these selected models. However, some others are even rarer.

All weapons can be mastercrafted, increasing its cost by 300 uc. This offers a +1 enhancement bonus to hit and damage. However, a few rise to higher levels. A weapon can boost its enhancement bonus further but the price escalates substantially. An item cannot be boosted beyond its tech level and no item can be boosted above +4 (TL 1 items cannot be boosted past +1, and TL5 items cannot be boosted past +4).

Level Bonus Cost increase
Master +1 300 UC
Fine +2 4,000 UC
Premium +3 9,000 UC
Supreme +4 16,000 UC

Items must be purchased with its class already and only a mechanic of significant skill can modify one later. The rarity of these items increases substantially as their bonus increases.

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