Whenever anyone looks upon the City of Mann, they blink—like starring at a great void. No one is sure how old the city is, only that it predates its neighbor, York. York's history tells of Mann's presence being unchanged in their entire existence. The most popular story tells of humans arriving to the east coast. Instead of seeing a destroyed crater where a great city stood, an island fortress now stood, empty, waiting for residents. Someone built it. It was erected for man or at least man-sized creatures.

The construction mimics old human techniques but in extremes. The buildings sport few windows and tower hundreds of meters in the sky. A massive wall, taller than any other bastion, surrounds the Island. The city includes a massive self sustainable hydroelectric system requiring virtually zero service. The first residents of Mann analytically determined that the city was built soon after by the initial survivors but they soon died off from some outside force, possibly a plague or echan army. This does not take into account that the city was left behind with no bodies and no records. Most simply assumed Man built the city and simply forgot they built it. Regardless, the humans living in the city found themselves as isolated as the designers of the city meant them to be. As the centuries trudged on, the native population grew more xenophobic and paranoid of the outside world. Few ever left the walls. Those who did seldom re-entered. The majority of the population of Mann believes everything outside to be blasphemous and immoral. They abhor all magic in any shape and the use of such magic or its presence on a person or a magical device within Mann carries a death sentence. No non-humans are allowed to enter for any reason. They receive warnings to stay away at 200 meters and pulse lasers are put through their heads if they close within 100. Even the wall is rumored to be composed of 100% cold iron. Very self-sufficient, Mann looms over its neighbor and its residents promise to withstand any attack, waiting for the time when the great gates close and true-techans can inherit the Earth.

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