Tech Level: PL8

EDF Modifier:

Description: This technology enables its recipient to turn invisible for a short time. Invisware uses crystalline refractors grafted to the skin and powered by rechargeable solar battery units protruding from various points of the body, usually the spine.

Benefit: By using invisware to bend light around its body, a creature can turn invisible. An invisible creature gains a +40 bonus on Stealth checks if immobile or a +20 bonus if moving at ½ speed. Moving faster then that negates the bonuses. Pinpointing the location of an invisible creature that isn’t attempting to hide requires a Perception check vs the creatures Stealth check.

While invisible, the creature gains 50% concealment, from direct attacks that pinpoint its fighting space, but not against attacks that target an area.

Activating or deactivating invisware is a free action. However, the technology consumes a great deal of battery power, after 10 rounds 1 minute of use, the solar batteries must be recharged for 1 hour, during which time the invisware cannot be activated.

Type: External

Hardness/HP: 4/20

Cost: 3500

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