Initial Encounters

It was not until the last 800 years did historians start writing down history again. Even today, few living know of the events that brought them to this life.

No one knows how much time passed between the two gates or how far man developed until his fall. When the gate opened, most echans fell to Earth with little control over where they landed, lucky to even set foot on dry land. When they arrived, they found the world foreign in all ways. Plants carried more flowers; trees grew different leaves. The great lizards roaming the world had long since died off, replaced
with mammals. Their eventual first contact with man was less than stellar.

Man emerged from hiding. They looked amazed to see the new star in the sky and new creatures large and violent roaming their world. The first century was a turbulent one. For many, they took roots without pilgrimage and started building. Others ran for their lives from monsters smart and powerful or dumb and many. Since the black gate sat under the Earth, its position not random, Kakodomania sprouted not far
away, from where it originally closed. The pagus the demons brought with them continued their expansion. Elvish leaders never met to organize their re-colonization of the Earth. Many never encountered their cousin races, only knowing of their survival from traveler's tales and magical divination.

The tenenbri never left Southam upon their arrival and when they emerged from the mountains, they found a stray group of narros developing in the east. The narros, escaping from landfall in the southern cold, journeyed north. They assumed the wide expanse of tall peaks would welcome them. Alas, the tenenbri claimed it as their own, already expanding through the range through hundreds of miles of tunnels already
carved. They called the network Vanaka. With little hope of fighting the tenenbri on their terms, the narros diverted east and formed the nation of Nadirra.

Nearby ogres made the camps of Skogra, leaving the narros to fend for themselves, trapped between two enemies. War broke out soon after from ancient hatred.

In Canam, with the land so vast and spread out, few nations ever encountered each other save for caravans and messengers. Many believed people escaping the bastion of Mann formed York but nothing tells of how Mann's towering spires sprouted with no resources on hand. The bastion of Angel, blessed with empty lands, blossomed quickly, only erecting walls after the goblins and kobolds appeared.

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