Inertial Navigator

Tech Level: PL 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: A series of motion detectors and inertia-based distance readers are installed into the cyberware recipient’s head, wired directly to his inner ear.

Benefit: You know how far you’ve traveled and in what direction in relation to a fixed starting point. You can have one “starting point” defined at a time, plus one per point of Intelligence bonus. Until you reset your starting point, you are aware of your exact distance and route back to the fixed starting point. You can also retrace your steps along this path automatically, even through a maze, without resorting to a using a map. If you are moved in some way without traveling the space in-between such as if subject to a teleport or other hyperspace effect, you do not know how far you’ve traveled or in what directions, and your mental “map” has a large hole in it.

Combined with an HUD and a way of downloading a map such as a microcomputer, a character knows his exact location in relation to a starting point.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: 5/10

Cost: 1900

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