In Angel

Angel Bastion has always been known for its open door policy in regards to the Echan and Techan ways from outside its walls. In the last 100 years however this openness has given rise to a resurgence of Pre-Hammer Genetic Technology that adventurers and salvage teams have brought back over the years. The first of the GeneTech creations were actually simple enhancements of normal creatures.

As Angel scientists became more comfortable with the work and more information was gathered more extreme projects were allowed. One of the first marketable items for sale in Angel was Bioware enhancements. Biological version of common cyberware implants became common as well as cosmetic enhancements. Later came genetically engineered creatures until finally the first of the Leviathan class Airships was breed and released for the world to see. Because of the flammable nature of the hydrogen gas the first Leviathans were as vulnerable to flame and explosion as their mechanical counterparts. This vulnerability was corrected in later generations by the introduction of echan species that were immune to flame, giving the skin of the new generation of Leviathans an orange hue and the nickname, Flying Pumpkins.

While the genetic creations of Angel are used, many of the creatures themselves are not found within the Bastion as the population finds them unnatural and more then a little disturbing. The vast majority prefer to remain with and use their machines but even this is starting to change. However the internal city of Genai makes great use of the genetic aberrations. Once outside the great walls of Angel, where machines don’t always work, a booming industry in the creation and sale of genetic creations is going on.

Rumor: The Moreau are disgusted by the use of Pre-Hammer Genetic Technology and Insurgence groups are planning on sabotaging the laboratories.

Rumor: The Laudenians are fascinated by the creation of living airships but are disgusted that humans did it first.

Rumor: A Leviathan Hermes class Airship has in fact been corrupted, like a Cancer Dragon, and now serves Ixindar as an aerial avatar of death.

Rumor: Human and Gimfen DNA were used in the creation of the Leviathan Airships.

Rumor: Leviathans carry an entire ecosystem with them where ever they go.

Rumor: Other Bastions are preparing for War against Angel and their Leviathan Warship bombers.

Rumor: Angel has found a way to counteract the EDF field.

Rumor: Escaped Genetech creatures are breeding out of control in the wildness of Canam.

Rumor: In order for Genetech creatures to survive they must feed upon the flesh of humans and fey.

Gene-Spliced Animal
Gene-Splice Animal (referred to as GSA) is a template that can be applied to any living animal (referred to as base creature)
GSA use all the base creatures statistics and special abilities except those noted below.
Armor Class: The natural armor is increased by +2.
Special Qualities: A GSA is easier to handle and train then a normal animal.
Excellent Learner: A GSA can learn a maximum of eight tricks and the DC for all Handle Animal checks involving a GSA are reduced by 2. In addition, the time required to train a GSA is reduced by one week (to a minimum of one week)
A GSA can be granted one or more of the following abilities. Where noted abilities stack.
Swift: Base speed is doubled. Can only be applied to one mode of movement, ground, flight, burrowing, swimming, ect.
Drawback: Required twice as much food as normal.
Thick Skin: AC is increased by 2.
Drawback: For each Addition of 2 past the first base speed is reduced by 5.
Tracking: Creature gains the Scent ability and a +4 on Survival checks made to track.
Attributes: One of the base creature’s physical ability scores (Str, Dex or Con) increases by +4. The other 2 physical ability scores increase by +2. A GSA animal always starts off with a base intelligence score of 2.
Feats: A GSA gains one of the following feats Alertness, Athletic, Endurance, Improved Natural Attack, Multi-attack.

Example: Hydrogen Sniffer
Base Creature: Dog
Small Animal
Alignment: Neutral
Initiative: +3
Senses: Low Light Vision, Scent
Armor Class: 17, Touch 14, Flat Footed 14 (+3 Dex, +1 Size, +3 Natural)
Hit Points: 1D8+3 (7)
Saves: Fortitude: 4, Reflex 3, Willpower 1
Speed: 40ft
Melee: Bite +3 (1d4+2)
Attributes: Str: 15 Dex 17 Con 16 Int 2 Wis 12 Chr 6
Base Attack: +0
CMB: +0
CMD: 11(15 vs trip)
Feats: Skill Focus: Perception
Skills: Acrobatics +1(+9 Jumping), Climb +16, Perception +8, Survival +1 (+5 Scent while tracking)
Racial Modifiers: +4 Acrobatics when jumping, +4 Survival when tracking by scent
Environment: N/A, Leviathan Airships
Organization: Solo, Pair, Pack
Treasure: None

This creature vague resembles a dog of indeterminate breed mixed with a spider. Its six furry spider legs grip the skin of the airship as its head swings from side to side sniffing energetically with an over sized nose for leaking hydrogen. Its lower jaw terminates in a pair of oversized fangs that drip a sticky looking drool.

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