Grapple Arms

Tech Level: 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: The recipient’s prosthetic arm is equipped with dozens of retractable grippers that can be engaged at will.

Benefit: This cybernetic enhancement grants the recipient a +4 equipment bonus to grapple checks. If the modified character possesses two prosthetic arms, each modified with this enhancement, the total equipment bonus to grapple checks is increased to +6.

Additionally, grapple arms can be engaged to assist the character when climbing; a character equipped with grapple arms either a single arm or both arms gains a +2 equipment bonus to Climb checks. Possessing two grapple arms does not grant a higher bonus to Climb checks.

Type/Location: External/Torso 1 each

Hardness/HP: 5/12

Cost: 2200 for each arm

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