Enviro Skin

Tech Level: 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: Each of the five different forms of enviro-skin is designed to be resilient against one damaging energy type. The skin is made of materials that resist the effects of acid, cold, electricity, fire or sonic damage. Each skin type also includes the necessary filters for breathing and eye coverings to keep the recipient protected against the energy type selected.

Benefit: The recipient gains resistance 10 against any one energy type acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. The resistance provided by this implant does not stack with other forms of energy resistance. If the skin is resistant to fire or cold, the recipient also gains a +4 bonus on Survival checks made to avoid damage from hot or cold environments as appropriate. A recipient with enviro-skin resistant to sonic attacks cannot also have Sonar Skin and takes a –4 penalty on Listen checks.

Type/Location: Internal/Torso 1

Hardness/HP: —/5

Cost: 2600

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