Detonator Offensive

TL 4
Cost: 3500
Medical DC: -

A vile injection, the detonator injects ultra EDF-sensitive nanites into a subject. If a subject employs magic in the form of a spell or spell-like effect or a supernatural ability, the nanites must make an EDF roll with a - 15 penalty to the roll. If they "break" or are "destroyed," the nanites explode from the inside, doing 5d6 fire damage to the subject. The nanites remain unaffected otherwise unless they lose charges, then they are nullified. They break down on their own after 3d4 hours. The damage surpasses magical damage resistance. The needle the nanites are carried in suppresses their detonation capacity and they cannot explode unless injected.

Detonator does not work on incorporeal creatures or elementals.

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