Death Simulation

TL 3
Cost 500
Medical DC 20

The injection lowers the body's temperature and pulse. The subject is paralyzed. All resources of the body reduce, leaving only minimum requirements to prevent brain death. The subject looks and feels completely dead. The subject has no awareness of their surrounding for the duration. A successful medical roll allows the injector to decide exactly how long he wishes this effect to last. The effect can last up to 2 hours without long-term damage. Past 2 hours, the subject must make a Fort save every ten minutes (same DC as the medical DC) or be reduced to -1 hit point. Every subsequent failure causes 1 point of damage and increases the DC by 2. After the dose wears off, the subject wakens.

Failure: The effect is successful but after 1 minute, the subject has a 20% chance of waking suddenly.

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