Tech Level: PL 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: A cyberport is an interface that can be used to easily attach other cybernetic devices. For example, a cyberport built into a character’s arm is itself nothing more than a socket located at the shoulder, but any number of cyberlimbs can be jacked into the socket.

By itself a cyberport does nothing; however, special cybernetic devices can be jacked into a cyberport as a full-round action, requiring no surgery or skill check.

Cybernetic devices designed to be jacked into a cyberport cannot be installed through normal surgery, and those designed for surgical implantation can’t be connected through a cyberport. A cybernetic device designed to be jacked into a cyberport has its purchase DC increased by 1, and is raised to PL 7 if normally PL 6 or lower.

Benefit: A cyberport can take any cybernetic device that uses one slot in the port’s location. For example, a cyberport set in the recipient’s left arm can have any cybernetic device that takes one arm slot. If the cyberport is set in a limb, it replaces the existing flesh limb, so a character without a cybernetic device in that limb has no arm. Normal limb function is part of any cybernetic device designed to be jacked into a cyberport, so a character with a cyberport in his arm can use his arm normally when any cybernetic device is jacked into it.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: —/2

Cost: 1600

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