Cybernetics, EDF and You!

As we know, magic screws with science, so in this game setting we don’t have full conversion cyborgs running around.


There is hope for those who want to play around with cybernetics and the other toys whilst playing with the elves.

There are 3 kinds of cybernetics available. Internal, External and Biological.

Internal Mechanical Cybernetics is anything that is complete covered by living tissue.
Internal Cybernetics are oddities. They are highly resistant to EDF effects as long as they are covered by living tissue. Magic effects that effect the living body and generate EDF also effect and require an EDF roll.
Fae creatures and humans that generate EDF that have Internal Cybernetics are still required to make EDF rolls as normal with no bonus. Internal Cybernetics grant a luck bonus equal to their maximum shielding bonus.

External Mechanical Cybernetics is anything that is exposed on the outside of the body.
External Cybernetics are vulnerable to EDF effects as per power level of the cybernetic implant.

Biological Cybernetics are the same as their mechanical counterparts however they are made of biological components and literally grown for the recipient.
Biological Cybernetics, or Bioware, do not suffer from EDF malfunctions. However magic/psionic effects that effect biological systems will effect Bioware systems.

Construction and Repair of Mechanical Cybernetics:

Cybernetic attachments are complex instruments with both mechanical and electrical components. Consequently a character must have the Craft: Cybernetics feat to build a cybernetic attachment.

Repairing a damaged or non-functional cybernetic attachment requires 3-10 (1d8+2) hrs of work and a successful Repair check (DC 25). A character needs booth an electrical tool kit and a mechanical tool kit to facilitate repairs. Without one or the other a character takes a -4 penalty on the check and without both takes a -8.

Number of Attachments:

Only living creatures can have cybernetic/bioware attachments. In addition a living creature can have a maximum number of cybernetic attachments equal to 1+ Constitution Modifier. If the modifier is less then 0 then the body can not handle having implants. See Benefits and Drawbacks.

Example: Billy has a Con 14 (+2) so he can get a grand total of 3=(2+1) cybernetic attachments, internal or external.
However Joe has a Con 9(-1) so he can’t get any cybernetics 0=(-1+1).

A creature can have more cybernetic attachments installed on its body then it can bear. However the creature then gains 1 negative level per cybernetic attachment that exceeds its maximum allowed. For each negative level the creature takes a -1 penalty on all skill checks, ability checks, attack rolls and saving throws and looses one effective level or hit die. Further a character with psionic ability losses the ability to manifest one power of the highest level they can manifest. Characters with spell casting ability (arcane/divine/other) loses the ability to cast one spell of the highest level they can cast. This loss persists until the negative level is removed. The penalty for Bioware Is much more severe with the same drawbacks however the removal of the Bioware components requires the use of a full medical facility to remove the augmented body parts and replace them with unlamented biological parts.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Cybernetic attachments provide countless benefits to their recipients. Although the benefits are very alluring the drawbacks are equally discouraging.

Electrical Vulnerability:

A creature with one or more cybernetic attachments takes 50% of any electrical damage as sub-dual damage. Example: Billy is hit with a Lightening Bolt that deals 10 points of damage. He takes 50% of that as sub-dual damage or 5 points of sub-dual damage as well as the 10 points of physical damage. This vulnerability to electricity can be offset by an anti-shock implant.

Negative Levels:

Whenever a creature exceeds its maximum number of cybernetic attachments it gains negative levels until the excess attachments are removed.

Susceptibility to attack:

External cybernetic attachments are subject to attacks as if they were objects worn.

Massive Damage:

Massive damage wreaks havoc with cybernetic attachments. Whenever a creature with cybernetic attachments fails a fortitude save against massive damage the character drops to -1 hit point and is dying and one cybernetic implant per 25 points of damage is disabled starting from the largest or most expensive down to the smallest. The creature then suffers the effects of the disability as noted in the cybernetic attachment for as long as the attachment remains disabled.

External and Internal Cybernetic Implants:

See pg 194-199 of D20 Future book
See pg 19-37 of D20 Cyberscape book

Cybernetics and EDF:

Normal Cybernetics count as Tech Level 5 items. Advanced Cybernetics count as Tech Level 6 items for DC EDF rolls.

Because of the nature of cybernetic implants they normally do not come with a battery and run off internal bio-electric energy to power themselves. Because of the lack of moving parts the EDF effects on internally contained cybernetics is reduced by 1 before shielding bonuses.

New Feats:

Craft Cybernetics
You can construct cybernetic attachments.

Prerequisites: Craft Electrical 10 ranks, Craft Mechanical 10 ranks, Knowledge Life Science 5 ranks

Benefits: You can build and design cybernetic attachments. Construction of the attachments takes 24hrs (3 8hr days) and a Craft Mechanical DC 30 and a Craft Electrical DC 30. Take the number passed/failed by and subtract/add from the 48hrs to get the total time needed.

If both checks are successful the cybernetic attachment functions properly and can be attached at anytime. If either of the checks fails by 10 or more the design is flawed in some way and another 24 hrs must be spent fixing the problems and two new checks must be made.

Cybernetic Surgery
You can graft cybernetic attachments onto living tissue as well as safely remove them.

Prerequisites:: Treat Injury 8 ranks, Surgery

Benefits: You make a Treat Injury check DC 20 to install or remove a cybernetic attachment. If you do not have a surgery kit or access to a medical facility, you take a -4 penalty on the check. Cybernetic Surgery takes 1-4hrs.

The consequences of failure are severe: if your check result fails by 5 or more, the installation or removal of the cybernetic attachment causes undue physical trama to the patient, who suffers 1d4 points of constitution damage. If the check result fails by 10 or more the constitution damage is treated as drain instead.

A character who undergoes cybernetic surgery (successful or not) is fatigued for 24hrs. Reduce this time by 2 for every point above the DC the surgeon achieves. The period of fatigue can never be reduced below 6hrs in this fashion.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a -8 penalty on Treat Injury checks made to perform cybernetic surgery (-4 if they have the surgery feat)

You can have more cybernetic attachments than normal without suffering ill effects.

Benefit: The maximum number of cybernetic attachments you can have without suffering negative levels increases by 1.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Rumor: Mann has created shielded external cybernetics that are resistant to EDF malfunctions.
Rumor: Ixindar has created magic based cybernetics and is using them to augment its Pagus legions.
Rumor: The Neverborn are actually living Fey turned into magical cyborg slaves.


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