Cosmetic Implants

Tech Level: PL 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: Cosmetic implants on this level go well beyond the plastic Surgery of the 20th century. This is full-blown body appearance modification, allowing the recipient to look like nearly any humanoid of approximately the same shape. It’s possible to look like another species such as an elf or an orc, or a humanoid with animal traits dog-men and cat- or rabbit-women are particularly popular, change ethnicity, or simply mold features to achieve greater beauty or greater ugliness, if preferred.

Benefit: The exotic appearance of a recipient with cosmetic implants makes the initial reaction of other characters more severe. Those who find themselves liking the recipient are moved to greater helpfulness by his appearance. Those who initially dislike the recipient are pushed into true hostility by his unusual or highly sculpted looks. Any character who has an initial attitude of friendly toward the recipient has that attitude improved to helpful, and anyone with an initial attitude of unfriendly has it worsened to hostile.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: —/1

Cost: 2100

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