Cognitive Probe

Tech Level: PL 8

EDF Modifier:

Description: The cyberware recipient must have spurs or a piercing melee weapon in a cybernetic weapon mount see pages 195–196 of d20 Future to buy a cognitive probe. The cognitive probe can be inserted directly into the brain of a target and read the electric impulses within, translating them into readable thoughts, which are transferred to the cyberware recipient.

Benefit: Using a cognitive probe requires a fullround action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The cyberware recipient must succeed on an attack using a piercing melee weapon. The target must be restrained. If the target dies, the probing fails. The target is allowed a DC 13 Will save to negate the effects of the probe. Once a target has saved against a probe, it is immune to its effects for 24 hours.

If the probing is successful, the target’s memories and knowledge are accessible to the cyberware recipient, from memories deep below the surface to those easily called to mind. The cyberware recipient can learn the answer to one question per round, to the best of the target’s knowledge. Each round the target is allowed another Will save, and if successful, the target is not required to answer the question; however, making a save does not end the power.

The cyberware recipient poses the questions mentally and the answers are imparted directly to his mind. He can ask the subject a new question or the same question in subsequent rounds for a number of rounds equal to 3 + his Wisdom modifier. After this duration, the target has built sufficient resistance to resist the probe for 24 hours. The cyberware recipient and the target do not need to speak the same language, though less intelligent creatures might yield up only appropriate visual images in answer to the cyberware recipient’s questions.

Type: Internal

Hardness/HP: —/2

Cost: 2900

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