Class Amethyst Pathfinder And You

Ok… a note on Classes.

Since I like a lot of the things D20 Modern did, and frankly there are times when a class isn't what you want, I'm putting in pretty much everything from the D20 books, see Books Used, any of the advanced classes are allowed, within reason, given that we're going to have a mixed group playing a cyberwarrior may not be the best choice unless you enjoy being broken a lot. From here I'll make a link to the various classes and which factions they'll be part of. Be aware some of the classes may fit in both faction just because of their nature.

So, extra generalist or attribute classes allowed.

Strong Hero
Fast Hero
Tough Hero
Smart Hero
Dedicated Hero
Charismatic Hero

This means that all the Heros above get access to their ability trees and people are more then welcome to mix and match as they see fit.

Note on Multi-Classing and Attribute Classes.
If the players so choose they may take a free multi-classing in the same sphere as their primary class.
Meaning a Warrior can dual class as a Strong Hero and not take any penalty to multi-classing since it's the same 'sphere' as a warrior but would take a multi-classing penalty if he choose Smart Hero as it's not in the same sphere of attribute use.

Odd-ball classes like Spell-Thief get 2 free ones, such as Fast and Smart Hero.

Echan Class Updates
Techa Class Updates
Prestige Classes

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