Bug Eyes

Tech Level: 7

EDF Modifier:

Description: These implants are large, obvious additional eyes and cameras that allow the cyberware recipient to look in all directions at once. They qualify as two additional eyes and any other visual enhancements must be bought for these additional eyes as well.

Benefit: The cyberware recipient has a 360-degree sphere of vision, allowing him a perfect view of creatures that might otherwise flank him. Thus, flanking opponents gain no bonus on their attack rolls, and characters with sneak attack dice are denied their sneak attack ability because the cyberware recipient does not lose his Dexterity bonus; however, they can still sneak attack him if he is caught flat-footed. The cyberware recipient’s Spot and Search checks gain a +4 equipment bonus. Concurrently, he takes a –4 penalty on saves against all gaze attacks.

Type/Location: External/Head 1

Hardness/HP: 5/5

Cost: 2200

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