Bilateral Integrated Gnomish Engineering Experteer


For some reason, gimfen developed a way to prevent their own existence from shorting out technology. This permitted them a very slow progression to develop industry. They were one of the very last species to break off from the first few fey branches. They like to claim that their stock's capacity to hold technology without disruption proves them to be the final form of the fey the end result, the ones meant to escape the cradle of Earth.

The inherent problem with this theory falls with the fey's natural imperceptiveness of technology. They developed a language, a culture, and an expanding empire. They forged swords, laid down roads, and erected communities. However, after a certain point, they simply stopped. Any desire to fashion an industry falls in the face of their mechanical inability. Some claim this stems from a lack of scientific evolution preventing an instinctual drive to better themselves and their community. Despite their wisdom and creative brilliance with poetry and song, they lack the drive to push and dominate their world, a natural byproduct of a short-lived evolved species.

The gimfen, although developing a resistance to technology, still lacked the creativity to develop their own, especially in comparison to the fast pace of mankind. For thousands of years they languished with the few advances they were able to stumble upon through mere luck. All of that changed when they returned and discovered humanity. These short lived ape-men found industry and technology second nature. Gimfen cannot innovate, but they can replicate. After gleaning every nugget of information they could acquire, they soon started to adapt what they learned to operate outside the walls of bastions in the land of magic.

The bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer (BIGEE) is the final result of this growth. The gimfen prefer to use their race title rather than gnome, as some consider the term insulting, claiming they look nothing them, but most accept the term. They all despise the acronym and prefer the lengthy title. The bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer, instead of hiding inside or underneath the grind towers of Gnimfall or the dozens of other communities around Canam, embark into the outside world with this newfound knowledge. There, he travels the world, finding technology he can either use outright, or return home to his people. His greatest ability is his knack for reverse engineering human technology he en counters and modifying it to operate without disruption in the lands of magic. Most experteers employ this ability in the field of high tech weapons but some employ it with standard gear as well. They are limited to what they can adapt as the end result is usually clumsier and substantially larger than the original. Bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteers are an unusual sight in Canam. Rare though they are, their presence proves that technology's eventual dominance over magic, though lengthy, is inevitable.

Hit Die: d6.


Race: Gimfen or Human

Feat: If Human must have Feat: Gnomish Engineering (described below)

Craft (Techa & Echa) (Int), Demolitions (Int), Disable Device (Int), Drive (Dex), Knowledge (All) (Int), Literacy (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Survival (Wis)

Feat: Gnomish Engineering
Humans are an amazing species when it comes to innovation, creation and adaptation. Because of this persistent adaptive streak the Bilateral Integrated Human Engineer came into being. Many are trained directly in Gnimfall.

The following features pertain to the bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer class.

Widget Bag: The bilateral integrated gnomish enginering experteer at 1st level always keeps pieces handy for on-site repairs. At 1st level, he keeps on hand enough parts for 500 UC worth of repairs. These parts cannot be sold or traded. They are useless to others (like spell components). The bag weighs 5 lbs. They cannot be disrupted and work with any parts the bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer attempts to repair. He can increase the size of his widget bag later by investing in more widgets. Every 500 UC adds another 1 lbs. Once invested, the bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer does not get this value back. When he scavenges technology, the DM may award a certain value in UC of additional widgets.

Quick Repairs (Ex): In the heat of combat, a bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer of 4th level can enact quick repairs on a disrupted piece of technology (he pulls out the blown resister and jams in a coin). If the bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer attempts to force the item to work, he must make the appropriate craft check. The DC is 20 +2 for each tech level. If he succeeds, the item functions as normal. This roll can only free up jammed technology and cannot recover lost battery charges. This process takes 1 full round action. If a success, the item is rendered immune to further EDF for 3d4 rounds. Only items jammed can be repaired in this way. Broken or destroyed items cannot be hastily fixed. The item works, for a while. After 3d4 rounds, it breaks.

Adaptation (Ex): The bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer learns how to reverse engineer technology he acquires and gains the ability to rebuild it with increased insulation and redundant electronics and gears for it to operate in ED fields without disruption.

The gimfen must first find or purchase a piece of technology with a rated tech level. The gimfen dismantles the item and reassembles it. The new item replicates the old in every way except it grows in size and weight. As a result, many large items cannot be converted. As the gimfen acquires more levels in bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer, he is able to adapt higher tech items.

The bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer must have 7 + (TL of item) in skill ranks in the appropriate item to adapt it. The time to accomplish the adaptation is one day (8 hours of hard work) per tech level of item. The bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer must also invest gp = 25% the original cost of the item (round up).

Its weight increases by 100% if it weighs less than 10 lbs, +50% if it weighs between 10 lbs and 50 lbs, and +25% if it weights over 50 lbs.

Weapons: Because gimfen are small creatures, they must convert weapons to fit their miniature form. Handguns become longarms. Longarms become heavy weapons. Heavy weapons become super heavy mounted weapons. Super heavy mounted weapons cannot be adapted as they would be too large for an adventuring party to carry (though rumors suggest a few grind towers have them built in). Unique weapons and grenades cannot be adapted. Weapons requiring tripods when adapted automatically come with one during the procedure.

Power Armor: Because the increased weight and the need to adapt it to gimfen appendages, power armor's max Dex bonus is reduced by 1 and the armor check penalty incurs a -2 penalty.

Medical gear and professional equipment cannot be adapted. Neither can battery cells as they benefit from the shielding of the adaptation while inside the weapon (EDF checks are only for batteries when outside of equipment). The gimfen should purchase an EDF muffler bag. Batteries cannot be adapted, as the procedure would drain the battery in the process.

As the bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer increases in levels, he is able to adapt higher tech items. The original item being adapted is not retained, as it is taken apart and incorporated into the new shape. This new shape is no longer sleek or beautiful. It is ugly, clumsy, and heavy. It spits and whines and creaks with every movement, seemingly on the verge of blowing apart at any second, even though never doing so.

Bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer adapted technology looks clumsy, with exposed tubes and cables running to backpack mounted insulated power packs. Goggles are massive helmet assemblies. Armor hobbles around quickly, shifting weight left and right like a drunken narros. Worse, the style of adaptation is unique to each character. Only that specific gimfen knows exactly how he adapted the item and attempts to teach others the technique results in utter confusion for anyone other than a gimfen with equal craft ranks. Even if explained, the exact supplies would be required, including the original item.

Further, the item adapted is so fragile and requires so much finetuning by the original gimfen that if the item is given to another to use, it breaks after a round. Not even another gimfen could figure out the eccentricities of the device before it fails. As a result, the gimfen can neither lend nor sell their monstrosities to anyone and they are useful only to them.

They must spend 5 UC or GP from their Widget bag each week for every piece of adapted technology they possess to keep them running. This price continues even if the item works or not. They break if not maintained.

A bilateral integrated gnomish engineering experteer is also proficient with using their adapted technology if they don't have the proficiency with it previously. If they have a laser gun, they are proficient with that specific adapted laser gun, and not the original nor others they find along the way.

Results: Adapted technology gains a +10 to all EDF rolls. They are immune to most disruption rolls but may still roll in the presence of an EMP weapon, a disruption spell, or if an attempt is made to enchant the item.

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