An obsessive drive to regain a lost glory pumps through the veins of most humans today. Those refusing to give in to the surrounding magic, desperately clinging to their old world and its remnants, built walls and defenses and grew to be separate entities from the rest of the world. These are the bastions, the last vestiges of mankind, vaults where those inside live in a forgotten time of technological superiority where man lived uncontested on this world. Some within understand the new world around them while others fear and loathe it.

Magic emanates power that runs antithesis to the energy systems of technology. Technology from any Bastion fails to develop a process to harness magic for use in their machines. Magic, a partial unexplained source, runs chaotic in comparison to the organized energies of techa. Magic leaks from batteries and never allows itself to be bottled up by science. More so, magic pushes itself into every crevice, including almost every circuit techa attempts to seal off. This results in technological devices of almost any kind failing to work when nearby magical forces of substantial intensity. ED Fields (or Enchanted Disruption) radiate from any magic item or spell cast. EDF radiates from the caster and the target hit if the spell is ranged. It also covers the entire Earth in a lower capacity, causing most of the problems techans encounter daily. They cannot expand as much as they desire and all communication with the outside world, including other bastions, is completely severed. This forced the bastions to develop independently. Their cultures and ideologies grew apart as well. Canam features five bastions.

Sierra Madre

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