Unlike echans, given a wide range of locations to choose from, techan humans in Canam only have five bastions to claim birth: Angel, Mann, Selkirk, Sierra Madre, and York. Of those, the most common is Angel, known to be the largest bastion on Earth. On the opposite, few techan characters played by players herald from Mann.

Because echan classes are allowed to enhance their characters via class focus (see later), techan characters gain a bonus depending on which bastion they call home. It should be noted that a line must be drawn between a techan human and an echan human. A human that is born in a bastion and later leaves to pursue magical path is an echan human. He chooses a class, a focus, and does not gain the bastion racial traits listed below nor is he classed a techan human for the racial bonuses listed above. Humans following a techan class may improve their character based on which bastion they choose. The character's history will be colored with back-story from said bastion. It should affect which techan class he chooses. If the player wishes to be an immigrant from one bastion to another (like from across the sea from several bastions mentioned (like Porto or Samba) or from another bastion in Canam), they usually choose the traits from the bastion they were born from.

Some of the traits presented are very straightforward, while others require knowing a bit more of how the techan world works to understand. It should be noted that techan players must be able to adapt and improve their gear as they progress. The only way they may match their echan counterparts is with improving the technology they wield.

Characters from lesser-advanced bastions have difficulty learning higher tech but usually understand the outside world better. Characters from advanced bastions may possess higher technology but then worry about interference from saturating magical disruption. Players of techan characters must find a balance to survive in the dangerous outside world of echa.

The majority of techan player groups are on missions from their bastions. Some are nomadic groups trying to survive but many of those turn to magic to sustain themselves, as technology is so unpredictable outside.


Along with York, Angel does not fear the outside world as much as Sierra Madre and Mann. They still insist on keeping that world as far away as possible. They even erected a vast wall to keep the enchanted world out. Angel characters from Genai should be counted as echan humans per the rules. Angel residents still know enough of the outside. Ones leaving are either nomads trying their luck at finding riches or part of a defense force patrolling the outside of the wall, hunting down raiders that plague the forests around the city.

These are the traits of an Angel citizen:

  • Preferred enemy: Angel citizens gain a +1 to hit against goblinoids.
  • Aircraft Operation: Because of Angel's tall skyscrapers and the people's preferred method of transportation, all Angel characters receive this feat for free.
  • Bonus language: Because of a historical connection to the builders that helped construct the city and the mercantile relationship with Genai, all Angel residents gain Asian as a bonus language.


Mann characters face an uphill struggle. They may not return to their bastion of birth. They are outcast, as Mann does not allow their citizens to leave. The Mann character has escaped. However, they still wish to follow what they know and use technology rather than magic. Mann characters must either take jobs in other bastions (easy since they often know of and / or wield high technology) or they roam the outside world, selling what they find in echa to trade in techa. Gold carries far in places like Angel and York, and Mann outcasts often take residence in the latter.

These are the traits of a Mann born citizen:

  • The Mann character selects any one class skill. The character adds a +2 bonus to that skill.
  • +500 UC in additional gear as the rebel escapes with his hands full of technology.


One from Selkirk bursts from the womb in darkness and live most of their lives in the mines. Ones that do depart know of narros through trade and military patrols and find their company acceptable. Selkirk seeks to make the Pass of Dianaso safe. Others trek south to find warmer climate and warmer beds. Those that end up taking root around Angel sign up for military duty outside the walls.

These are the traits of a Selkirk citizen:

  • Unbreakable: The Selkirk character gains the ability to continue to perform actions when he would otherwise be considered unconscious and dying. When the character's hit points reach -1, the Selkirk can perform as though he were disabled, making either an attack action or a move action every round until the character reaches -Con score hit points (and dies) or the character's hit points return to 1 or higher. The character can choose to succumb to unconsciousness if he thinks that doing so might prevent him from taking more damage.
  • Low Light Vision: Characters from Selkirk see twice as far as a normal human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.


Those from Sierra Madre often run screaming to their bastion. They are the most unprepared for the outside world. Those that find the courage often remain hidden throughout the planet, analyzing what they find and returning it to their home for study. Even though they possess unique technology, they strive to adapt what they find to their system. Because the majority from Sierra Madre follows a faith of internal meditation and personal discovery, many brave the landscape outside to fortify their souls and open their minds.

These are the traits of a Sierra Madre Citizen:

  • Choose three of the following skills as permanent class skills and receive a +1 competence bonus on checks using those skills: Acobatics, Climb, Drive, Ride or Swim.


With no walls around, York welcomes tourists and travelers, but secretly laments the use of magic. Those taking advantage of their friendliness and flaunting such gear often find themselves victims of the mob. York characters see passing magic users all the time so neither fear it nor wish its destruction. They made a choice to prefer living their lives with air conditioning, elevators, and parking meters. York citizens
leave the city all the time as they may reenter when they wish. They are one of the most commonly seen techans in all of Canam until one gets close to the opposite coast. York is also the most aggressive with their borders. Instead of a great wall, York keeps a vast expanse of open fields patrolled by a large militia of soldiers and the low-tech robots known as zeros. They must stand on constant guard from attacks from dragons and pagus to the north and various other raiders from the west and the seas to the east. They also operate a counter-intelligence organization that monitors activity within the rival bastion of Mann.

These are the traits of a York citizen:

  • The York character can purchase echan cross culture skills as cross class skills.
  • York citizens don't receive any techan penalties to skills when rolling against echans (eg: Diplomacy, Disguise, etc).
  • +2 Bonus to Diplomacy rolls. York citizens live their lives growing accustomed to strangers and their traditions.


Some Bastions operate outside of their borders. The player group may together decide to sign up under one such organization or travel the world as independents. Both offer advantages. Being signed under an organization offers funds or equipment while independents offer the greatest gift of all, freedom. The DM may select an organization for the player group if the choice affects the game being designed. All the
players must consent to the agreement to benefit and the group together receives the bonus, not individual characters.


The CS is the military arm of Angel and often take missions outside of the walls. They venture out usually on wheeled allterrain vehicles, ETVs, or on VERTOL flyers. The CS operates from four huge towers around the outer perimeter of the city and response time to outside attack is measured in only seconds. However, the attacks on the wall subsided in the past century. Goblins diverted to raiding all those passing to
and from. This forced the CS to leave the walls and take a more aggressive posture on outside threats. They clash with not only surrounding goblin raiders but with the growing armies of kobolds in the nation of Xixion up north. Of all the basbastion organizations, the CS receives the most combat experience. There is never a dull day when basking in starlight is the common saying. Squads are often sent to patrol the
great outer forests of Cyon, either through it or over it. Another branch of CS deals with internal problems dealing with Genai. Rumors tell of a smuggling route leading past the walls to the outside, allowing free passage for those wishing to avoid the main gates. Then there is the matter of the temple, a giant tower in the centre of Genai and the great beast supposedly living underneath it. The player group signed to work for the Crimson Starlight receives an assault shuttle or nuke truck for free. It is a loan and cannot be sold. They also gain preferred enemy, gaining a +1 to hit against goblinoids.


Some people prefer working alone. Though they receive no benefits from governments or corporations, they do set their own clocks and answer to no higher authority. They are on their own in the face of a wild landscape of wonders and monstrosities reserved usually for bedtime tales. Some mercenaries work out of bastions, though many actually travel between them. Some consider themselves wandering souls, looking for a noble fight to involve in while others seek only profit. The group simply decided technology was the future over magic. Alas, these groups often fail early on, as they are unable to replace their technology fast enough when it disrupts or breaks down or they simply fall victim to enemies they had greatly underestimated. Mercenaries, acting heroic or selfish (or both) must keep constant diligence on the acquisition of funds. Jewels, gold, and rare items fetch a high price in bastions and mercenaries need to keep themselves funded and armed.

Players forming a mercenary group gain a 20% discount on all purchases at 1st level and 5% discount on all subsequent purchases with further levels.


This group from Sierra Madre is more interested with subversion and intelligence gathering than anything else. Even though flaunting advances few other bastions even dream of, Sierra Madre still lacks many developments even bastions like York claim. This is due to the lack of a threatened survival and a narrow-minded population. Groups sent out from the subterranean bastion often travel north to acquire (steal) technology from others, especially from York and Angel. Mann remains a hard target and most attempting entry are killed upon discovery. The Ministry also tracks all movement above the city. They intercept and deal with forces marching over their soil.

All players working for the MFA receive a maximum level echan insulation modification to all pertinent equipment they purchase at 1st level and a 30% discount to purchasing said modification later.


The Selkirk defense authority, unlike many other interdiction forces from bastions, doesn't consider echans their enemy. Most missions by members of Orobas entail them escorting and protecting narros patrols through the Selkirk controlled section of the Dianaso pass. Orobas personnel are selected usually from the mining population and trained separately. Already used to working in groups, the operatives quickly
learn to offset each other's weaknesses and operate as a cohesive unit. They seldom fight amongst themselves and stay together, even when on vacation.

Other missions include scouting and recon outside the Dianaso pass as well as dealing with the encroaching invasion from the kobolds of Xixion. A few groups even went on loan to Angel for a short time.

Orobas operatives receive additional training at 1st level. Whenever an operative strikes a target in combat, all other operatives of Orobas gain a +2 to hit that same target. This applies to both melee and ranged combat. This is not cumulative.


The largest standing army of Techa in Canam is the York Self Defense Force. They walk the streets keeping the law and defending the fields from impending invasion. They break up drunken tavern brawls and then lead assaults against attacking dragons. Some escort important echans through the city and forcefully eject others for flaunting the magic the city requests echans keep to an appropriate minimum.

YSDF units are shifted from inside to outside the city to broaden their talents. The most boring job is patrolling the defense installations between York and Mann, which have never sparked a conflict. On the other hand, the northern barracks often suffer from dragon attacks crossing the water straits. The YSDF works alongside the robotic zeros but the droids are never allowed to depart the surrounding York fields of Halyc.

Members of the YSDF receive full value for all techan equipment and weapons they trade in while in York.

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