Ammo Arm

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier:

Description: The recipient’s prosthetic arm is transformed into an extra magazine.

Benefit: This cybernetic enhancement must be purchased for a specific type and model of weapon that requires an ammo magazine. The weapon is modified so that its magazine type becomes linked; the ammo arm feeds directly into the selected weapon. Obviously, the weapon should be carried in the hand attached to the ammo arm. Additionally, the weapon now has a magazine load equal to its original amount plus a value determined by the following table:

Weapon Type Ammo Multiplier
Handgun x12 base
Longarm x6 base

Example: A character with an ammo arm keyed to a TalMil sniper rifle now has a total ammo capacity of 105 15 for the base + 15 x 6 = 105. An ammo arm keyed to a Falcon .45 would have a total ammo capacity of 260 20 for the base + 20 x 12 = 260.

Type/Location: Internal

Hardness/HP: 5/10 magazine only.

Cost: 2500

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