Agility Augmentation Genetic Retrovirus

Tech Level: 6

EDF Modifier: -/-

Description: This retrovirus makes changes to the recipient’s DNA, making his body more limber and flexible as well as augmenting hand and eye coordination and reflex time.

Benefit: The agility augmentation genetic retrovirus gives the recipient a +1 to +5 inherent bonus to his Dexterity score. He takes a –2 penalty to his Strength score because his slimmer, more flexible body has less mass and is less powerful.

A character cannot have more than one genetic retrovirus in effect at a time. A genetic retrovirus cannot be removed through surgery; it must be removed with targeted toxins or diseases (see Wetware Equipment, page 73). Further, genetic retroviruses cannot have any gadget components or be added to other cybernetic devices that have gadgets.

Type: Biological/Internal

Hardness/HP: -/-

Cost: 2300 (+1), 2500 (+2), 2700 (+3), 2900 (+4), or 3100 (+5)

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